The Sony A99 Full Frame DSLR

by Staff June 19, 2016 at 5:48 am

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  1. Hi rob , thank you for share us this video.

    Please do a video for us , how to set up camera flash that to set in high speed sync as above 250 /second and higher . Thank you

    I try so many way to do high speed sync the other day during shooting but never got it !

    Sincerely Shawn 

  2. I just bought my cam today, with a few prime lenses, now sony needs to get a wate proof cover for the scuba diving, well I do hope it will deliver. But can we please gen an indept review with good accesories such as the compatibilities with the hot shoe

  3. Hey Julian, I can't speak on behalf of Sony, but I understand your frustration with the hotshoe having been changed. I believe part of the reason they've done this is to bring the standardized mount for most hotshoe flashes to the Alpha lineup. This also serves as a great advantage for those using wireless trigger systems, without having to purchase an adapter.

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