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by Staff March 10, 2017 at 1:31 pm

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  1. Where do I begin.


    Metering to determine the shutter speed? Thank goodness it ended being 1/500.

    But you should always set the minimum shutter speed to be the reciprocal of the focal length…which in this case would be about 1/200th……which would allows a lower ISO.


  2. Hello Jana…enjoyed your video so much and quite helpful…however I'd like to ask a question on this video…were you using on manual mode or automatic mode, because I don't see how you try to hold the lenses as you focus… actually I have an older model of Nikon D60… and I do it on manual mode most of the time.

  3. Great video! I want to use a self standing reflector to shine enough light on the entire body, but I'm wondering how close it has to be to the person to get enough light? Thanks!

  4. If I got it right, you shoot f2,8 at 1/500 for 250iso right?
    Nothing bad to say about that setting, but then, besides avoiding mouvement and hand shacking, why not having a cleaner file and shoot @ 100iso and lower your shutter speed? With a shutter speed of 1/500 for 250iso, I guess you can shoot @ 100iso with a shutter speed of 1/200 for a better result/clean image

  5. The dome on the light meter is called a "Lumisphere". There is another way to meter (if you only have a camera with in-built metering). Very good especially if you get caught out by leaving your meter behind or batteries fail. Hold your hand out, palm facing your camera and facing the same direction as the light hitting your subject. Meter from your hand. Best to do this close to your subject, but failing that, you can bet it will be fairly close and you can process the shots in RAW.

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