Top 3 Sony a6500 Cages Under $100!

by Staff May 18, 2017 at 3:21 pm

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  1. You forgot about couple cool features of the small rig cage. It has not one but two mounting points, there is the screw at the bottom and the small screw that connects the belt loop with the cage. It prevents the camera from flexing and give some additional hold. The other advantage is that there is a couple screw holes aroung the grip frame so you can mount the small rig wooden handgrip. I have one myself it gives the camera that DSLR size of grip 🙂 There is also a screw hole next to the lens that can be used to mount a short rod to mount follow focus without expanding the rig too much, they also made more points of contact in the front part of the cage so it can absorbe more heat from the camera like the radiator 🙂 I love this cage 😀

  2. hello , i have a shop on amazon. and i have a product LB-A6300 quick release plate also some other products like this , may send one to you for free , and you help me do a review ? waiting for your reply

  3. Are there cages for smartphones? I want to vlog and don't have a dslr right now, but I want to use the rear camera on the phone so I get better quality. But I need to hook up a external monitor to see myself along with possibly plugging in a zoom h5 and using xlr mic so I have better audio and having it all compact and fairly easily portable. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  4. This is perfect! I just ordered an a6500 and can't wait! I'd love to see more videos covering it and stuff with it from you in the future. Also would the a6300 guide be applicable for the a6500 or would you consider making one for it if not?

  5. SmallRig w/ Left Wooden Side Handle you linked works well! The handle's bushing knobs tends to loosen on me frequently, although it's not a functional issue as the 1/4" screw remains tight, keeping the handle fastened. Has anyone experimented using Camvate Top Handle with SmallRig; will it work?

  6. Hi. Do you have same kind of recommendations for G85 cages? Would be awesome. Interesting video even though I'm not owning this camera. Pleasure to watch! 🙂

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