TOP 5 Best Cameras 2017 !!! Buy Now.

by Staff March 30, 2017 at 2:20 pm

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  1. Nikons are the best at handling the RGB. The colors are very accurate unlike the warm colors of the Canon and the cold colors of the Sony cameras. Anyway the Olympus and Panasonic cameras are extraordinary for video even though it is not full-frame! The future is in mirrorless cameras whether they are full-frame (A7) or four-thirds (Lumix GX8 or Olympus). The best camera does not exist, you simply choose the ideal camera for each type of work! If you want a lot of quality then adopt the cameras with medium-format sensor!

  2. I'll tell you why this is a gay ass cuck video, you put best cameras 2017 when your showing 2016 cameras. And your choice for number 1 shows you have no goddam clue on what your doing

  3. its very unfortunate that mirrorless Cameras are becoming obsolete before they had a chance to even …!!! may be in 5 years from now the Technology will change , buy a mirror less now for 2000 Dollars and 10 seconds later sell it used for 250 dollars 🙂 :):)

  4. LOL all shit …. best camera in kino FF is Nikon D810 … and long long NOTHING.

    Better camera is Hasellblad, PhaseOne, Fuji and Pentax … MEDIUM FORMAT

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