Top 5 BEST SELLING Canon DSLR Cameras on Amazon (Were You Surprised?)

by Staff August 21, 2016 at 9:25 am

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  1. I've just returned from Greece. Going round the Acropolis and other tourist sites I noted that at least 90% of people using interchangable lens cameras were carrying Canon or Nikon. I saw a couple of Sony's, a few Pentaxians and two lesser-spotted Fuji's. It must be the mating season. I think I also saw a couple of micro 4/3. But the stranglehold Canikon has on the market was quite shocking to see.

  2. The T5i's are definitely worth the extra coin over the T5. I got mine for $650/shipped with the 18-55mm kit + a very useable & decent bundle and it wasn't a grey market body, brand new/not refurbished.

  3. I love my Canon eos 80d never bought it from Amazon but I got it from Best Buy but if you look at Best Buy it the second from it …. also depends what the purpose where you're using the camera for….. money or pleasure 🙂 ….

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