TUTORIAL | NIKON D3300 DSLR Camera | Most Asked Questions

by Staff June 5, 2016 at 4:04 am

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  1. Just Subbed you and thank you for such a very informative video. I use the D3300 and upload twice weekly videos on photography topics I use the D3300 for street photography and I think this camera is sadly under valued by many and is a very capable camera, well done on this video 🙂 Sending Love from Ireland Sean

  2. Hi! I'm a beginner and Just bought this camera but I was kind of disappointed when I realized I have to look through the tiny view finder to take pictures. Is there anyway I can take pictures while it's on the live view setting? If not, is there another camera for beginners you can recommend?

  3. you can also go into effects and scroll across until it says night vision and that shoots in black and white automatically this video helped me a lot thanks heaps

  4. I love taking photos on my Samsung Note5 and enjoy editing them on my PC or Phone. But I really want to take it to the next level and buy a DSLR camera. Entry level first of course. After watching your videos on this camera I think this is the perfect camera to start with.
    Thanks, love your videos.

  5. Great information. Question: I bought this camera 4 months ago and love it. Yesterday, however, I tried to make a video and the camera only records 3:00 mins now, and counts down to 0. It used to go longer. I didn't make any setting changes (the memory card is completely empty). Any suggestions? Thanks again!

  6. I'm quite interested in buying this camera. Many people tell me to get the Nikdon D5300 instead but that isn't in my price range. I'm a make-up artist and I basically just need portrait shots of other people which I can achieve well with a 50mm lense, along with photos of myself. I would occassionally do video of events which looks good with this camera, and may start Youtube tutorials if I get into that. One question to do with video – say if I'm shooting alone and I'd want to focus on myself, would I need a remote in order to focus on myself or how would I do that? Do you think this camera is suitable for what I need it for?

  7. hi there i loved your video .i have this camera in red color and i shot some stunning images at night mostly.my qs is can i shoot the stars at night clear with the 18 to 55 ?or i need another lens the samyang 14 mm lens for eg to shoot the milky way and the stars

  8. Good video, no offence but your voice quite literally sent me to sleep when I got near the end xD I ended up taking a 2 hour nap haha

  9. Maybe a silly question but, is there a way to see something like at 4:08 live using a modern lense? I mean, I change aperture but have no way of knowing what the actual picture will look like before taking it using the viewfinder.

  10. I'm a model and artist and I've fallen in love with the technology and art of photography. Just got my D3300 kit and this is going to help me start creating the images I envision. Thank you so much for this video! :)

    how is this lens for my potrait and landscape and does it contain vr

  12. sir..
    nikon AF zoom nikkor 70-300 mm f/ 4-5.6G lens
    will this lens be help ful for me as a beginner level
    and i have a small question does the. above lens contain vr stabilization and can it support nikon d3300

  13. Good point about the lenses. Apart from the 18-55mm, what other lens would you recommend I get, on a limited budget, so needs to be on the lower end price wise I'm afraid. Mark

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