Wedding Photography Tips Episode #3

by Staff January 24, 2017 at 12:34 pm

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  1. Something I caught here, that some might miss that you said, "On your Primary Camera", because you don't have time to much with lenses, have 2 choices (min is the 70-200 and other 18-35 wide sigma) on primary and backup camera ready to go with either at a moment change in what you want to focus on.

  2. A good hint I use lots, go to the dress rehearsal, sit on the sidelines and listen. The last wedding listen was no good as it was in a language I don't speak, and I have to follow from memory what was going to happen next.

  3. I'm about to shoot my first wedding as the only photographer (a couple of my friends and only 20 people, so very intimate and they don't want a fancy photo shooting, but still I'm very nervous and I want to do a good job!) so I was looking for a good tutorial/tip guide and this one is amazing, great job Jana!

  4. hi jana, your so inspiring, creative and loving. Hope one day I could be like you doing what you like and you are very encouraging in words and all the photos you capture are so beautiful. hope you could start a photography lesson so that I can follow you as a beginner. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Sorry I skipped this episode! I was in Paris and probably got so tired and posted the last episode instead of this! Anyway, in this video I'm talking about Photography tips on shooting weddings, specifically the Ceremony part.

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