Wedding Photography Tutorial | 7 Must-Have Reception Details Photos

by Staff June 7, 2016 at 4:10 am

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  1. Great video! I like how you mentioned tripod necessary for whole room pic, but what settings would you recommend all other pictures. ie shutter iso fstop etc. Are they the same as whole room pics? Thanks! (currently shooting canon t5i) 

  2. Michelle- thanks so much for this EXCELLENT tutorial.  I'm doing more and more photography and its slowly becoming paid!  :0)  Tomorrow is my first official wedding as a second shooter.  Thanks for laying out some essentials to make sure I am focused on the top priorities!  I simply can't wait.

  3. My thoughts are, the camera that was used to capture your close up, should have been the one to have you stare thru instead of giving that job to the camera that was for full body. Just sayin… Nice tutorial tho

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