Why I Still Won’t Buy a New Camera

by Staff February 25, 2017 at 12:30 pm

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  1. Well said Simon. There is a belief that if you use the most expensive camera you´re doing the best film in the world, regardless of a interesting script. I´m still using a hacked GH2 and a T2i / 550D with Magiclantern it suits my purpose just fine. I´m not going to change cameras any time soon, just for the sake of it. Keep up the good work Simon.

  2. I totally agree and admire your attitude /point of view that the camera is just a tool and you can get a lot out of older cameras as you demonstrate. But realistically what client is going to hire you with a T3i now a days? Shooting your own films is one thing, but getting hired by someone else is another. At some point it is worth upgrading gear, it is an investment in yourself. It all depends on the kind of work you want to do I suppose, for youtube vlogs, sure a T3i will suffice, but there comes a point where other/newer cameras justify their price tag.

  3. i think you made a great point. The same principle applies to music production for example. When you stick with normal prices mic's and music production software, its kind of about you building up the skill to make these limited samples sound good. if you just go for the most expensive sample packs right away, you will never learn how to mix/eq/compress cheaper sounds to sound real good. Missing out on a lot of learning possibilities …

  4. Wrong thinking. First, the hardest way to succeed in this business is to go directly to movies, no matter which format it is. That way, you have to work for years with almost no money and no profit. So much better way to become a serious filmmaker is through weddings and events. That way you can upgrade your equipment easy and not think "should i change my camera" for 5 years like you're doing now 🙂 You picked the hard way, the worst way, where you can make films for 20 years and achieve nothing. You have to go other route so that you can make a living, buy everything you need and have much more chance to succeed in films. You're very talented, you just need to channel that talent to the right things to make something in your life…

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