Will the NEXT Nikon DX DSLR Be 4K? (or are we 18 Months Away?)

by Staff March 29, 2017 at 2:09 pm

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  1. Canon 6D Mark II this year no 4k. Canon 7D Mark III next year 4k 60 fps continuous no overheating, dual SD card slots, no flip out screen, touch screen, better sensor, better dynamic range, better low.light, flash compensation with manual auto ISO.

  2. Hmmmm no I dont agree. I am expecting a high end enthusiast camera this year with 4K to complete the line up of D5, D820 and replacing all the remaining FF cameras which right now are frankly a mess. The new model will be promoted spectacularly to hide the fact that they are just tidying up models elsewhere. I expect the D820 to be a tidied up D810 with a 40MP sensor and 4K. The technology has now improved enough such that they should be able to replace the old 35MP sensor with 40MP whilst maintaining the same signal to noise like Panasonic has done with MFT. If the new camera doesnt appear for Photokina in their 100th anniversary year then Nikon will be in very real trouble indeed. They wont survive another Photokina like last year, that was total embarrassment. I am expecting the same in APS. I am expecting the entry level 3xxx cameras to always be there as a loss leader to get people interested. This will be the first body to be replaced by mirrorless to keep costs down. The D7200 has already been replaced by the D500 which Nikon has put on a par with the D5 by making it a special edition. The Nikon D5300 will be replaced by a beefed up enthusiast camera, in similar fashion to the D810, that replaces it and the D7300. If you read between the lines, this is what Nikon has already said in somewhat cryptic fashion. It has said it will rationalise its models and focus on high end and enthusiast models with an eye to bringing in mirrorless bodies in the future. Problem for Nikon is they make good hardware but they suck at electronics and software, they will probably be forced to eat humble pie and buy in expertise like the other camera makers have. But they will survive and be a much stronger company. I really cant see them having any more than 3 APS and 3 FF models in a years time. Nikon needs to draw a line and move up a gear and they now know it 😉

  3. Totally agree, I think the D7300 will be the next Nikon APSC DSLR to feature 4K. The issue for Nikon is 4K or not they need to make improvements in their video autofocus, something they have always been poor at. My best guess is we won't see a D7300 until early next year ( with the slight possibility of an announcement in November this year ). We'll have a better idea of what to expect when the replacements to the D750 or D810 are revealed, surely both will have 4K?

  4. I think the 7300 will have the same 20mp sensor as the d500 ,but AF is going to be heavily reduced,not to mention a slower 6fps .the camera will have 4k ,but without much support for flat profiles ,it will probably be more of a stills camera .the camera however will be a best seller for Nikon

  5. I think the 7300 will have 4K, but still no advanced video features like focus peaking and zebra exposure pattern. As well as the typical crappy mic preamps and worst in class video AF.

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