You Can Safely Clean Your DSLR Sensor – SensorSweep 2015

by Staff September 16, 2016 at 9:49 am

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  1. My camera works fine in live view, but when I look through the viewfinder….. the viewfinder is really dark, only when I put it up to the light, little bit of light comes in the lens is fine, what could be wrong with my camera?

  2. Peter, what about the idea that we should have our cameras off, before changing lenses? Couldn't we turn the camera off, remove lens, turn camera back on, go through all the steps, turn the camera off, replace lens, turn camera on (will pop the mirror) and photo the test paper again?

  3. Excellent product! I have used one earlier, the fact that my camera was declined by Camera Shop for sensor clean because of stubborn liquid stain. I was looking at other options to clean my sensor when I found Peter Gregg's Sensor Sweep. To those people who's saying that is not going to work or damage your sensor. I leave you with one question, Have you tried it yourself?

  4. Hi Peter!  I just wanted to say that I enjoy your videos and your fun personality!  I would've never started watching your videos if I hadn't seen that video on digitalrev discussing your sensor cleaning method.  I'm sure you've gotten some popularity from it 🙂 I personally agree that your breath is much safer and more benign than putting chemicals on a swab and smearing it on your sensor, but to each their own.  Merry Christmas and keep making these great videos :)

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